5 Sleep related movement disorders You Must Check Out

When you moves your legs while sitting on a daily basis and if you stop moving your legs, you start feeling uncomfortable and something is crawling on your legs, then it can be Restless Legs Syndrome which is one of Sleep Related Movement Disorder. In this article, i let you know about sleep related movement disorder and types.

Sleep related movement disorder

Sleep related movement disorder deals with restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, rhythmic disorders, sleep related bruxism(teeth grinding), sleep related legs cramps. The repetitive movements during sleep or wake that can distract the sleep of you and your bed partner.

Restless leg syndrome(RLS)

This disorder cause overwhelming ¬†insistence to move one’s legs, you may feel that something is crawling on your legs, sometimes you may feel tingling and itching.Overall they are uncomfortable in their legs and start moving legs to get relief. This is because their sleep is disrupted. This is known as restless syndrome. The research shows that this disorder is genetic.

Periodic limbs movement disorder(PLMD)

Repetitive cramping and twisting of the legs (specially lower limbs) during sleep is refers to as Periodic limbs movement disorder(PLMD). This movement disorder is the only one which occur during sleep.It last for 20-40 seconds and happens many times during your sleep. It also considered as periodic legs movement disorder. PLMD is refers to as a sleep disorder because the repetitive occurrence movements distract the sleep.

Sleep Rhythmic movement disorder

Rhythmic ¬†movement disorder(RMD) is neurological disorder, occurs due to the repetitive movement in the groups of muscles. It is most commonly happens in head and neck when you’re in sleep.It includes rocking of the body, head banging, rolling the head repeatedly, leg rolling, banging of the legs, full body rolling.This disorder is usually happens in children and sometimes it can be mostly seen in handicapped child.It continues during the entire night.

Sleep related bruxism

It is a type of sleep related movement disorder, in which a person grind or gnashing his teeth during sleep. It also known as nocturnal tooth grinding which is a medical term given to gnashing of teeth during sleep. It is an unconscious act where a person clenching his teeth tightly together.

Sleep related leg cramps

Sleep related leg cramps is a sudden and harsh feeling when someone experience enormous pain in the legs or foot. This pain is caused by twists, contracts and tightens of muscle. The cramp can be last for a few seconds and it occurs suddenly at night during sleep. Cramp in your legs or any body muscles not only lead you to suffer from lots of pain, but it can also disturb your sleep.

So, these are the some sleep related movement disorders, which are another effective reasons who being an obstacle in your comfortable sleep. You should need to take an immediate reference by your physician as it is very essential that if there is any effective cause that imbalance your sleep, then it should be treated because we all know that healthy sleep is most important for a healthy life. 






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