8 Ways to catch up on sleep without sleeping

Are you having the trouble of not getting 8 hours sleep every night? Have you lost your sleeping hours daily? Don’t you get enough sleep every night? Do you want to know how can you get rid of this problem and recover your sleep? Today we’re going to cover up the concept “How to catch up on Sleep without sleeping”

sleep debt recoveryMeaning of Catch up on sleep

As it’s recommended by the doctors and sleep experts that everyone should have to take 8 hours of sleep every night. When you lost those hours of sleep, then you may have sleep deprivation problem. It may be caused due to stress, health issue and may be because of any event or occasion which forces you to stay awake and lost your sleeping hours. But it’s not always happened that if a person isn’t getting enough sleep every night then he/she definitely having any sleep disorder, as it could be normal sleep deprived issue where you’re not getting complete 8 hours sleep. Sometimes you may lose 2 hours or 3 hours daily from it every night and you can catch up on the sleep that you had lost. For example, if you lost two or three hours sleep every night of week due to some reason, on your weekend day or on Saturday and Sunday, you slept in and getting 4-6 hours extra sleep. On Monday morning you are feeling fresh and active.  This is called catch up on sleep, where you get extra sleep hours which you had lost.

Paying of Sleep Debt and Sleep Debt recovery

Paying a dept means lend the money back which we had borrow but here in sleep study when we talk about paying of sleep dept then it actually means the sleep hours which we had lost every night, it should be repaid or recovered in weekends. If you lost 10 hours sleep every night and add three to four hours extra sleep hours on weekends then it implies you’re fully repays your sleep debt and recovers your sleep, it is called short-term debt. In long-term debt, when you lost your sleep hours every night of week, and plan a vacation with light schedule and few obligations, turn off the alarm clock and sleep continuously every night until you awake naturally. This is the long term way to repaid sleep debt or recovers your sleep debt.

How to catch up on Sleep without sleeping

  1. Track your Sleep hours: In order to catch up on your sleep, you first need to know how much sleep you have lost. When you track your sleeping hours, you’ll easily knows that how much sleep you have to recover as on the basis of your required sleep debt you can adjust your routine and recovers your sleep.
  2. Sleep hygiene: Sleep hygiene means measuring the quality of your sleep, these includes the things which we do before going to bed. So, you should maintain good habits and understand about your sleep hygiene, Make a healthy routine before going to bed.
  3. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and heavy meal: Alcohol, caffeine and heavy meal negatively affects to your sleep quality in which it reduces the quality of REM sleep for the first several hours of sleep and creates a stimulating effects in the sleeper, which makes you wake up and have trouble falling asleep.
  4. Avoid Exercise Before going to Bed: Early morning exercise actually improves your sleep quality but exercise before going to bed can have stimulating effects on your sleep or never let you to fall asleep. So, you should avoid exercise before going to sleep.
  5. Drink Milk: Make a habit of drinking milk daily before going to bed.
  6. Meditation: If you’re having any stress and anxiety, which distracts your sleep then you should try meditation for 5-10 minutes before sleeping at night.
  7. Wash your face: If you want to catch up on your sleep then make a habit of washing your face, hands, neck and foots before going to sleep, as it helps you to raise blood circulation.
  8. Recover your sleep in weekends: In order to catch up on your sleep, there is essential for you that sleeping hours which you had lost every night, you should recovers or debt that sleep in your weekends instead of spending your whole weekend in trips.





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