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National Sleep Foundation’s Epworth Sleepiness Scale Test to Check Disorder

ARE you unable to understand why you feel sleepy at the daytime?  if, it is happens to you and you are just ignoring it day by day, do you know it can be  a serious health matter for you? sleep regarding problems are need to be checked under the  doctor’s supervision. National sleep foundation’s Epworth sleepiness scale test is good option refers by the doctor to identify the  symptoms of  sleep deprivation.

Use the National Sleep Foundation Test to check whether you are suffering from sleep deprivation or not. the test is more often suggested by the doctor to evaluate sleepiness level.now you all think how this test will be done, i’ll explain you how does this test works.

first of all i would like to tell you  this test is very effective method to illustrate that if you are more or less suffering from any sleeping disorder or not. i recommend you to try this if you are having any doubt about sleep deprivation.

Now lets check how this test works:

In this test the doctor may give you the following situations of daily routine.he ask you 6-8 questions related to your daily routine, where you need to answer that questions.for example-how likely are you taking naps or fall asleep in the situations, in contrast to feeling just tired? this indicates your usual way of life in recent time. the following scale rates your chance of sleeping in each situation. you need to circle the correct number to indicate your chance of napping for each situation given blow.

” 0″: indicates he or she would never doze (nap)

“1”: indicates slight  chance of dozing

“2”: indicates moderate chance of dozing

“3”: indicates high chance of dozing

1.sitting and reading          0             1               2                   3

2. watching TV                     0             1               2                  3

3. sitting,inactive in a         0              1               2                 3

public place

4. As a passenger in a

car for an hour without     0             1                2                3


5. lying down too rest in        0             1                2               3


6. sitting and talking to         0             1                 2               3


7. sitting quietly after a          0            1                  2                3

lunch without alcohol

8. In a car, while stopped      0            1                   2               3

for a few minutes in the


So, here we get to know that this scale could not be used to make your own diagnosis but it helps you as a tool to identify the symptoms of many sleep disorders.

If you score more than 10, then you should share this to your doctor. It is very essential for you to discuss these information with your doctor so that he can help you in your diagnosis and treatment. There are some other test also used by the doctor like STOP BANG Screening questionnaire, Insomnia Severity Index and National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Diary.

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