Guns Don’t Kill People, Hypersomnia Kills

It is difficult to guess as to how much you all are aware of the term Hypersomnia but if you are not, let me tell you all that it is something that all of us must be aware of. We all want a happy and long life but somehow just because we are unaware of Hypersomnia, we are destroying our lives slowly.

Nowadays normal death is not happening only because of unhealthy habitat. There is no proper time for sleeping, eating and over and above working all time are such reasons which make us lose our confidence as well as our health. Humans have been losing life due to suffering from Hypersomnia. Lets us understand Hypersomnia and how it takes us towards death.

What is Hypersomnia?

Hypersomnia is a dangerous disease where people find it difficult to be awake during daytime and thus tends to have excess sleep. People who are suffering from Hypersomnia can fall asleep anytime at any place. It causes you to sleep on a regular basis and make you feel tired & sleepy all the time; either it is day, morning or night. Hypersomnia can affect your ability to work, to drive a car, and to stay healthy if you don’t receive proper treatment on time. In this condition, you feel laziness and tiredness during the day. It may occur even after long stretches of sleep. Another name for Hypersomnia is excessive daytime sleepiness.

How you will come know that you are suffering from Hypersomnia:

If you are feeling all time sleepy and tiredness then you are near Hypersomnia. While you are in your office and working but you are feeling sleepy then this is a symptom of Hypersomnia. While driving vehicle if you are feeling sleepy, it means you might be suffering from Hypersomnia. Hypersomnia creates difficulty in functioning during the day because people suffering from Hypersomnia are frequently tired, which can affect their concentration and energy level.

How Hypersomnia is killing you:

If you are sleeping in excess then you are taking yourself towards death. Yes, it’s true. People with strict sleep routines, when they suddenly begin sleeping more, it is an indicator of an underlying serious disorder. On time you should contact a good doctor regarding your excess sleep problem, otherwise, you can kill yourself.

The worst may happen when you are driving and you felt sleepy or went sleeping. You can also understand the disaster it can have if something went wrong on the wheel. Be aware of sleeping on driving and if you get this regularly, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Many of you think that feeling sleepy is only because of tiredness and overwork or through work burden but this is totally wrong. If a sleeping habit is increasing day by day, it may lead to major problems.

In medical science, it is mentioned clearly that human beings should sleep 7 to 8 hour daily for good health and if you are sleeping more or less than this time period then this is more dangerous for health.  It may lead to risks for all-cause mortality, as well as cardiovascular- and cancer- related mortality.  Oversleeping may affect your body system badly so you should always try to identify Hypersomnia earlier and consult your doctor regarding this.

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