Home Sleep Test for Sleep Apnea Patients

Do you think that you are having problem while sleeping or you have sleep apnea diseases? If so, it’s necessary to make sure that you are facing this problem or not? If you take it lightly, it can lead to other diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. So today, we will tell you about tests which you perform at your home and you don’t need to go any doctor to check it out. Let’s have a look:

HOME SLEEP TEST or HST(Sleep Apnea Study)

A home sleep test  is a study tool, which is used to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea, the device  which is helpful in checking your sleep disorders. these devices are  easy to move from one place to another, there size is about a telephone handset.

use of three sensors to examine the sleep

Nasal and oral Airflow– This sensor works with thin wire that is taped by the nose and mouth.

Description-the device is used to monitor airflow rate of a patient. this device consists of a flexible thread which fits behind the ears and two prongs which are placed in the nostrils. breathing is measured by this prongs.

nasal-and-oral-sensorRespiratory Efforts-this parameter is used to examine obstructive sleep apnea by elastic belt bands that are placed across the chest and abdomen.

Description– the device used to  monitoring the respiratory effort ,it  consists ts of RIP belts which is the primary tool of the sensor.

imagesOximeter finger probe– is a small clip like device which is used to evaluate the oxygen level while sleeping where the device is attached to the finger tip and emits red light.

Description– this device is used to measure patient’s blood-oxygen level and pulse rate.

s_unihingehandThis Home Sleep Test is suggested by the doctors itself so what exactly they does with it? They firstly fetch the suspected symptoms of sleep apnea & for doing this, he is sending the equipment to diagnostic service company where all data is downloaded & then examine to make sure that the patient is suffering from sleep apnea or not and that’s the way, report reveals the result of home testing of sleep. Apart from this 3 sensors, there are other testing tools & machine which comes under the “Home Sleep test”.  Check out this one by one:

Polysomnography: Testing Tool

Polysomnography is the testing tool which will help you to check whether you are facing any problem while sleeping or not? Usually, this test is done on sleep disorder center where this tool records the activities while sleeping. It records your brain waves, oxygen level in your blood,  heart rate and breathing. The analysis is done by the qualified sleep specialist.

psg_pop_02Other testing device to check sleep apnea

1.  EEG(electroencephalogram)– this device is used to measure and records the activity of the brain wave. it also evaluates the voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current within the neurons of the brain.

2. ECG(electrocardiogram)– used to record heart rate. this  test shows the heart’s electrical activity as line tracing on paper. it finds the cause of heart diseases which includes the symptoms like shortness of breathe, dizziness, fainting,and irregular heart beat.

3. Snore microphone– It is a small snoring microphone sensor, which is designed for your comforts and provides you clear indication of snoring sound. this sensor will give you absence or presence of snoring and records much more quantitative information for tracking sleep apnea symptoms.

4. EMG(Electromyography)-used to check heath of muscles and nerve cells. it measures the electrical impulses of muscles at re-stand during contraction.

So, if you are suffering from inadequate sleeping  problems and can’t get the answer why you can’t sleep comfortably throughout the night? why you feel sleepy in the daytime? so, here are  the answers of your questions. this device helps you to track your sleeping disorder with proper analysis so that you get the root cause behind your problem and then you can start your treatment  to solve this issue.

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