Insomnia & Pregnancy: Sleeping Problems During pregnancy

Pregnancy is nine month duration, in which a women carries a fetus in her womb. During this time period when the baby grows in her womb, a pregnant women endures several physical changes in her body. Her normal routine of life gets changed, she usually face many difficulties in pregnancy. Here in this article we’re going to cover up the the most common issue among pregnant women i.e. Sleep deprivation or Insomnia during pregnancy. 

insomnia during third trimesterInsomnia and Pregnancy

Pregnant women most often feel exhausted all the day, this is because she didn’t sleep at due to frequent bathroom trips, heartburn or sometimes stress or anxiety about labor pain and  delivery. This situation is simply known as Insomnia in which you doesn’t get enough or adequate sleep through out the night and most often face day time drowsiness, sleepiness and fatigue.

 Insomnia During pregnancy

Insomnia is a general sleep disorder, which can cause to anyone. This is not a fact that only a pregnant woman face this problem, but any other normal person can also suffer from Insomnia due to various reasons. Here in this article when we talk about a pregnant women, Insomnia usually  experienced by them during all stages of pregnancy. It tends to be more common in the first and third trimesters. By the end of pregnancy, many women have a hard time to just getting comfortable sleep. During first trimester you may not feel more sleeping issues but in trimester second and third you may face sleep deprivation and can’t get good night’s sleep easily.

Sleep Insomnia can be caused due to various reasons, such as:

  • You may have a lot of back pain, which may disrupt your sleep.
  • Pregnant women most often face vomiting issues.
  • Frequent going for urination
  • Restless legs syndrome  or legs cramp during pregnancy is common.
  • heartburn
  • Shortness of breathe.
  • Increasing levels of the hormone progesterone
  • Some times stress about labor pain and delivery can also cause the pregnant women to stay awake through out the night.

 Symptoms of Insomnia in Pregnancy

  • Pregnant Women who have insomnia usually in first 12 month of pregnancy feel exhausted and day time sleepiness.
  • She’ll face difficulties to fall asleep at night.
  • Increasing levels of the hormone progesterone, which in turn leads to increased sleep fragmentation.
  • Morning sickness can be seen in pregnant women if she doesn’t get comfortable sleep.

Finally to conclude we will say that Insomnia is not a big issue for the pregnant women or we can say it is just a common problem among pregnant women. It doesn’t harms to the unborn baby in womb but sleep experts usually said that a pregnant woman should take excessive sleep for the growth of baby. Sleep deprivation or Insomnia in pregnant women  can be treated by doctor consultation, he will help you to adjust and improve your habits regarding to your sleeping,sitting, standing position, he will examine the causes that effects your sleep and  suggests you medicine or other ways to treat that cause. Your insomnia issue will not completely but in some extent it will cured or may be you may get some relief.

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