How Much Sleep is Excessive Sleep During First, Second & Third Trimester Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a good and beautiful feeling for the women where she gets an amazing experience of her life. She get the feeling of pain as well as happiness along with that pain. Here in this article we will discuss “Does she get enough sleep in pregnancy or not”? and if NOT then what is the reason behind it.

Sleep-during-pregnancyWomen feel more exhausted during pregnancy, most often in first trimester. She usually suffers from many problems like nausea, heartburn, restless leg syndrome midnight toilet trips and  indigestion. It may led you to face many sleep related problems or issues in which unable to sleep.This may happens because your body goes through a lot a changes. A pregnant woman should have to take 8 hours sleep which 78% of the pregnant women unable to get it.

 Excessive sleeping in Pregnancy: Is it good or bad

Many experts reveals that a pregnant woman should take 7-8 hours sleep at night but when she takes more than 8 hours sleep, then it is not a big problem which can effects you and your fetus. As according to sleep experts pregnant women have good reason to need extra sleep. It takes a lot of energy which helps the fetus baby to grow and along with this it helps to carry the baby safely in their womb. So, we can’t say that excessive sleeping in pregnancy creates any issue.

Trouble while sleeping in Pregnancy

Women usually feel fatigue all the time in pregnancy, many of them think that  she feel tired because she didn’t sleep at night. But sleep experts said that feeling tiredness would happen because of pregnancy issues like nausea, heartburn, restless leg syndrome,  midnight toilet trips and  indigestion. Sleep doesn’t play any role in feeling tired during pregnancy. The reason of trouble for feeling fatigue and sleep disorders during pregnancy are changing hormone levels.  Rising progesterone levels may partly explain excessive daytime sleepiness, especially in the first trimester. In pregnancy women increase the chances of Sleep apnea and many other issues which occurs due to hormonal changes in body. In some case mothers get the tension or anxiety about labor and delivery which led to cause sleep deprivation or insomnai.

Sleeping during pregnancy in first, second and third trimester

First trimester sleep

In early phase of your pregnancy or first trimester of pregnancy, you’ll start feeling sleepy during the day. Increasing the level of progesterone usually brings a pregnant mom extreme drowsiness. Progesterone is a hormone that helps to regulate women’s reproductive cycle. It is also strange thing that progesterone can disrupt your sleep at night which led you to feel more fatigue during the day.

Second trimester sleep

The second trimester may come as a relief for mother, in this stage may pregnant women feel energetic. In this doctor more often suggest to take more sleep instead of indulging in more activities. The problems of nausea and frequent going to bathroom at night get decreases. It has been said by many sleep experts that urinary frequency is the primary source of mid sleep awakenings during the first and third trimester. Along with hormonal levels, your pregnancy troubles also get stable. Women should take excessive sleep in second trimester.

Third trimester sleep

The third trimester of pregnancy is difficult for the women, it  the most sleep challenged stage of pregnancy. Women usually suffer from back pain during their third trimester of pregnancy as the size of womb increased which bent your back and this cause you to face sleep disturbances. These aches and pains can be associated with the ligaments between the pelvic bones softening and the joints loosening in preparation for the birth. Carrying the weight of the baby also affects posture, leaving many women uncomfortable walking, sitting, and sleeping.

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