Perfect Sitting Position During First, Second & Third Trimester Pregnancy

Have you ever noticed in which position you’re sitting: Is it good for you or your fetus? Do you know, sometimes your bad sitting habit can effects your health and harms to your unborn baby also? Are you choosing the right position for sitting while pregnancy? Today we’re going to discuss about the favorable sitting positions for pregnant women Which is very essential that they should acknowledged with.

sitting position during pregnancy third trimesterSitting Postures for pregnant women

Good Posture for pregnant women is very essential, either it is standing, sitting, or lying down. When a pregnant women doesn’t choose the right position, then it may cause a lot of pain in her back or body and even harm to your unborn baby in your womb. To avoid back and pelvic pain, there should be important for the pregnant women to maintain a comfort  by finding a good sitting position for her.

Choose your correct position for sitting in pregnancy

  •  Pregnant women need to improve the sitting position during her pregnancy, she should start sitting up with a straight back.
  • She should pull her shoulders back and make sure that her buttocks are touching back the chair.
  • You can use a rolled pillow or a rolled-up small towel to support your back by placing at the hollow portion of your back.
  • when you want to stand from your sitting position, you should pay attentive about that you have to move to the edge of your chair and stand up by straightening the legs. Don’t bend forward at the waist.
  • Pregnant women should press her upper back against the chair and slide her bottom forward. Turn sideways so you’re sitting on the edge of the chair. Push on the seat or arms of the chair and rise.
  • Sitting on a floor isn’t a good posture for pregnant women, but some are habitual of it. So, they can sit on floor keeping their hips and knees at a right angel, legs should not be crossed and feed should be flat on the floor. Women should not sit in this posture more than 30 minutes.
  • Sitting cross legged is also a comfortable posture for the pregnant women.
  • sitting up on a balance ball as possible in the third trimester will helps to prepare your pelvis for labor and also helps the baby to get in to just the right position.
  • Try to sit at the end of your chair and slouch completely.
  • Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips.

So, these are the sitting postures which a pregnant woman should have to accept in her routine till the baby doesn’t born. These positions can helps in pregnancy to give some relief to her body pain and gets the baby into just the right position. If a women most often suffer from back pain in pregnancy, then she should avoid excessive sitting or sit as little as possible and sit only for short period of time.




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