CPAP Masks: Definition,Classification & Reason to Prefer different-2 Types of Mask

CPAP masks and it’s definition:

CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure masks helps you to effectively treats your sleep apnea to let you sleep comfortably all over the night without any distraction. CPAP is a complete solution for those patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. While wearing this mask during sleep which is connected to pump that forces air into the nasal passages at pressure high enough. This lead to overcome obstruction in the airway and balance normal breathing.


There are varieties of styles and sizes of masks to suit the needs and comforts of patient’s .It can be chosen by them according to their needs that best fits. CPAP masks can be mainly classified into following:

Classification/Types of CPAP Masks with sizes:


Nasal CPAP masks seal around the patient’s nose in a triangle shape. They do not seal over your mouth. CPAP masks are available in silicone, gel, or cloth styles. These masks are the original type of CPAP masks. And they always remain popular.

Sizes available in nasal CPAP mask are small/medium and medium wide/large.

Reason to prefer nasal masks

Nasal masks create a very good seal around your nose. They can be found in silicon, gel or clothes material. The sleep weaver masks are very popular masks among nasal masks users. Forehead support in the nasal masks offers stability and support for the mask.


Nasal pillow CPAP mask is designed for those who want less amount of weight and material on their face. They seal around the base of nostrils using a soft pillow. Some users feel irritating with this mask. These masks consistently gained popularity since the introduction to the market.

Nasal pillow CPAP masks are available in replacement sizes that are small, extra small, medium, and large.

Reason to prefer a nasal pillow

Nasal pillow masks are an option for those who have a facial scar around the nose. They may find a seal with a traditional nasal mask difficult. It can be easier for the patient to achieve a seal with this system. Also Nasal pillow system may work well for someone who has moustache and beard. Because the seal occurs only at the nostrils or nasal open Opening.


Full face masks

Full face masks cover of your face as it clear to its name as to accommodate people who mostly breathe through their mouths. ResMed’s full face mask offers a minimum design, and are designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive.

Full face masks are available in small size, medium-small size, medium wide, medium, large, large narrow, and shallow, standard.

Reason to prefer full face masks

If patients who wake up and find their mouth dried then they should try a full face mask. Dryness indicates that patient is unable to sleep half of the night because of their mouth open so you should take care of it.


3. Pediatric masks

ResMed’s pediatric masks were the first to be cleared by FDA for the treatment of sleep apnea in small children. These masks are specially designed for the children.

There are two sizes available designed especially for children. One is for children less than age 2 and second is for children between ages 2 and 12.

Reason to prefer pediatric masks

These masks provide the same quality of CPAP therapy, but in size it’s also more comfortable for smaller people. Pediatric masks are compatible with all machines and connected to CPAP machine by a flexible hose. The mask should comfortably fit seal completely without leaving any scars or marks.


4. Nasal prong mask

The nasal CPAP mask seals and delivers air inside the nostrils or nasal opening of nose. It worn as a crown around your head and held in place by the headgear. It is light in weight. Some users feel irritating after wearing the nasal prong mask.

Reason to prefer nasal prong mask

Nasal prong masks are similar to nasal pillow masks. However, the prong will rest deeper inside the nostrils and inflate slightly against the walls of the nostrils to seal with pressure.


5. Hybrid CPAP mask

Hybrid full face mask offers you more comforts and innovation because of its nasal pillow and headgears. Hybrid is a useful CPAP mask for positive pressure ventilation devices for the treatment of respiratory insufficiency and obstructive sleep apnea.

Hybrid masks are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Reason to prefer hybrid mask

Hybrid masks are designed to give best features. It is a combination of both nasal pillow system and a traditional full face mask. It offers all the sizes and multiple combinations of easy flexible fitting. It is designed for quietness and comfort.


Total face CPAP mask with headgear

Total face CPAP mask covers the entire face, including eyes. Here the seal wraps around the outermost perimeter of your face.It may be a consideration for the patients who were unable to tolerate or find success with other masks.

The total face mask is available in three sizes: small, large, extra-large.

Reason to prefer total face mask

Air pressure from the system inflates the soft, flexible sealing layer, which minimizes leaks while providing optimal airflow through the nasal passages. The cushion is over-moulded to provide a seal for air pressure to circulate throughout the mask and allow for more natural, comfortable breathing.


Also, there are few problems face by sleep apnea patient who uses CPAP masks. Check out the cpap problem here so that you will care of it for future.

How to do care of your CPAP mask?

  1. Wash the mask with a gentle soap or baby shampoo and with warm water.
  2. Antibacterial soap should not be used as it will break the silicon of the mask cushion.
  3. A safe cleaner is the Control III Disinfectant CPAP cleaning solution and morning is the best time to clean the mask.
  4. You can also use mask wipes daily morning to clean it. These mask wipes won’t breakdown your mask.

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