Sleep Psychology: Why we sleep to survive with our eyes closed?

Sleep is a relaxing stage when your mind and body shut down, it has been said that a person with good sleep never face any problem in his life. According to our sleep experts, everyone needs eight hour sleep at night. But is it sufficient for you to take eight hour sleep? or do you think it should be more than eight hours? Let’s find out the answer of these questions that why sleep is essential for us or why we need sleep?

why do we need sleep?

Sleep is very essential for our physical and mental health and growth or we can say, we need sleep to survive because almost 1/3 part of our life is spend in sleeping. So, it is very important for us to know about the need of sleep in our life. Sleep is a condition in which a lot important processing and restoration of daily activities events occurs. Sleep helps to freeze the memories in your mind, it stores the information of daily routine recorded activities in your mind. Sleep also makes your mind fresh so that you can perform well in school or office to the next morning. Our bodies all need long periods of sleep  to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones.

When we don’t sleep at night

Now a days many people face sleep related disorder like insomnia and sleep deprivation where you’re unable to sleep all over the night. This may happened because of their improper routine habits. This not sleep issues not only led you to awake throughout the night, but also badly effects on your next day activities. There are three kinds of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep in your sleep cycle.  Important physiological functions happen in all three sleeping stages, when this sleep cycle get imbalanced then you may probably suffer from many disease. People with lack of sleep are having a greater risk of  high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. It also led to raise the chance of obesity, diabetes, heart related problems, road accident, tension and anxiety.

When you get good and enough sleep

It has been proved that with a good and healthy sleep brings you many health benefits. sleep makes your brain working even when you’re sleeping. Here are some benefits given below, that will help you stay healthy in your life:

  • You may feel fresh and energetic to the next day.
  • You can perform well in day time activities.
  • Your stress and tension get reduce.
  • Good and adequate sleep helps you to loose weight as sometimes your lot exercise fails to do so.
  • Research says that you may live longer when you’re getting sufficient sleep.
  • Good sleep can increase your concentration power.
  • Your memory also gets sharp.
  • Reduces the chance of  heart attack, diabetes, brain stroke, major accidents and many other health issues which cause due to lack of sleep.

You should remember all these good impacts of sleep, so that you take a good night’s sleep of eight hours. As it is essential for you to take care of your health. If you find any sleep disorder in you and never get an adequate sleep, then you should try some “Tips to remove your sleep related problems” and take your doctor’s consultation.





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