Sleeping All the Time / Excessive Sleepiness : Reason & Treatment

It has been taught that if can’t sleep, you can’t heal, it means that if you can’t sleep then you can’t be able to fix your health related issues. Good sleep is very essential for our physical and mental health. So, inadequate sleep badly effects to your daily routine work. On the other hand, there are some people also who’re having the problem of excessive sleepiness all the time.It could also be a sleep disorder which can equally effects to your  health as sleep deprivation/sleeplessness can effects.Today in this article we’re going to check the reasons behind excessive sleepiness.

Excessive sleepinessSleepiness all the time/ Excessive Sleepiness

People who don’t get the enough sleep, they usually face many disease and people who excessively sleep, most often feel irritating, less attentive,directly effects to brain and feel lazy all the time. If sleep deprivation is a serious issue, then sleepiness all the time can be also a serious problem if it doesn’t fixed on right time. Both can effects to your health.There would be many reasons behind our sleepiness during the day.

Reasons of Excessive Sleepiness

1. Lack of concentration of mind- If your mind isn’t concentrated, then you may never get good and comfortable sleep. But in some case lack of concentration of mind may also lead you to feel sleepy all the time.

2.Unbalance routine- People who have unbalance routine like they don’t have the proper timing of sleeping, eating or any other daily routines work, then they usually sleep anytime or may be all the time.

3. Inability to have complete sleep- When you doesn’t have your complete sleep at once, then you may feel sleepy oftentimes in a day.

4. Over eating- When you excessively eat something in the day time, it may feel you drowsy and lazy and your body and mind commands you to sleep.

5. Diabetes- Diabetic patients more often have the problem of sleeping all the time.

6. Narcolepsy–  It is a sleep disorder, in which you may sudden sleep anytime or anywhere. People who’re having this problem they usually sleep anytime- in office meeting, class room, or may in any public place.

Excessive sleepiness can directly harm to your health. This may effects to your brain, lead to weight gain or obesity, headache, back pain , heart related diseases.

How To Stop Oversleeping habit? “Treatment or home remedies”

1. Practice Yoga and meditation- If you’re having the problem of sleepiness, then you should try practicing yoga and meditation daily for 10-15 minutes in the morning. It’ll calms and fresh your mind and never let you to sleep in the day time.

2. Avoid Spicy and junk food items-  People who excessively sleep, they should avoid eating spicy junk foods. As these types of food puts your weight gain and makes you lazy and drowsy all the time.

3. Eat less or in limits- You should never eat excessively, as it leads to increase the chances of sleeping more.

4. Don’t take high fiber food- You shouldn’t eat high fiber food, if you’re having sleepiness problem.

5. Change your day habit schedule- If your daily routine habits effects on your sleep, then you should change it.

6. Eat healthy foods- You should make a habit of eating healthy food like fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits etc..

So, we can say that over sleeping or sleeping all the time is not a good habit for us. There is need to be cure and this can be fix if we accept all these tips and remedies, which can control your over sleeping problem.


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