How To Stay Awake Without Being Tired

Tomorrow is your Exam day and you’re completely feel exhausted and sleepy. You haven’t learn your complete syllabus  and not fully prepared for the exam, as you’re struggling to stay awake but nothing is working, You can’t understand what to do to keep yourself awake. Today, here in this article we will suggests you some tricks to stay up late at night and have more energy to prepare for your exam.

How to keep yourself awake all night

In our previous articles we have read about sleeplessness through out the night, we were also suggest your many tips to cure this problem. But here in this article we’re giving you the tips to REMOVE your sleep. It sounds very strange but when we talk about some essential events or any occasion where you need to stay awake all over the night, then you should concentrate on our views and tips to stay you awake when you need.

how to stay up late at nightEasy tricks to stay you awake:

  • Alert your senses, by doing several activities in which you have to use and stimulate your senses frequently. For example, keep your mouth move on like Suck a mint or chew gum to keep your mouth alert. Listen music to alert your ear senses, splash cold water on your mouth.
  • Indulge yourself in doing body activity,  you just need to be physically active which helps your body to awake. You can try some exercise, roll your shoulders, stretch your wrists, tap your feet lightly on the floor, etc.. you can take a 10 minutes break and walk around your room, it helps you to stay awake.
  • Don’t take excessive and heavy food in your dinner because when you eat the heavy food items, it makes you feel drowsy and sleepy.
  • When you find yourself tired and sleepy, you need to stand up from your study room chair and walk start walk for some time.
  • Listen some music can also be a better option for you if you want to stay awake at night. It helps you relax and fresh your mind.
  • If you’re feeling tired and sleepy when you doesn’t want to be, then go to your kitchen and carry around some healthy snacks or protein rich food items. keep your mouth busy in eating activity – healthy food items like almonds, cashews or fruits.
  • You can have some caffeine drinks like Tea or coffee, as it will certainly helps you stay awake. But remember that you don’t have to take it in excessive because it may get a headache. You can have a cup of it when you need.
  • You should keep your mind awake by doing such activities where mind get awake. For example, for making the points in front of your teacher and pay attentive to her lecture in class so that you can give all the answers of her questions, when you studying at night or preparing for your exam in case when you feel tired then call to your friend or teacher and discuss about your topics.
  • You can set an alarm to Take a Nap  of 15- 20 minutes, it helps you fresh your mind and restart your work with full energy. When you wake up, take a deep breath, and have a glass of water and some caffeine to feel energized. Take a three-minute walk to get your body going.

All these tricks can help you to avoid drowsiness and fatigue while doing your important work,like making a school project, doing office work, preparing for the exam, etc.. There can be another way to solve this problem is that first you need to make a proper healthy routine. Try to go to your bed and wake up at the same time every day to get your body in a healthy routine.

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