Suggested Medicines To Give You Easy And Comfortable Sleep

If you and your well known is suffering from sleep deprivation problem, then you should read this article very attentively and carefully.As in this article we’re going to tell you about sleep medicines that will help you to sleep easily through out the night.

Most of the people are most often face sleep related issues like Sleep insomnia in which a person isn’t getting adequate sleep at night. Sometimes lack of sleeping at night led to excessive sleepiness in the day time because they doesn’t feel fresh and active in the morning. There are many tips/ home remedies that we also recommend you in our page Recall Sleep  that will  help you to treat your problems and give you relief but there is medical way also which is suggested by the doctors to give you good night’s sleep.

sleeping medicinesMedicines to get your sleep back

When we talk about sleep insomnia treatment our first preference is consultation to the doctor. It is proved in a research that calcium pills are very helpful for not only making your bones strong, but also helps you to fix sleep related issues. When we take calcium medicine at night before going to sleep, it easily led you to feel sleepy. Along with this, there are many medicines available in market or may be your doctor may also recommend you, which let you to sleep without any disturbance all over the night. There are some Strong sleeping tablets which your doctor may suggests you in case you’re suffering from any sleep disorder.

Check this list of medicine:

Generic Name U.S. Brand Name Dosages Company Abuse Potential Patent
Zaleplon Sonata 5, 10 mg Capsules King Yes No (disputed)
Zolpidem Ambien 5, 10 mg
Sanofi Aventis Yes Generic Available
Ambien CR 6.25, 12.5 mg Tablets Sanofi Aventis Yes Yes
Triazolam Halcion 0.125 and 0.25 mg Tablets Pharmacia and Upjohn Yes No
Ramelteon Rozerem 8 mg Tablets Takeda No Yes
Eszopiclone Lunesta 1, 2, 3 mg Tablets Sepracor Yes Yes
Suvorexant Belsomra 10 mg Tablets Merck Unknown Yes

With these tablets you may get a comfortable good night sleep, but we can’t say that these medicines are permanent cure of your problem. If you’re a patient of sleep disorder like insomnia or parasomnias  from a long time then these medication can’t treat your problem from the root. It temporarily give you relief and let sleep on that day, but next day your problem will remain same and you have to take the medicine or tablet again so that you can sleep. You became habitual of medicines which is not right for your health. As regular or excessive consumption of medicines can  directly effects to your health and you may suffer from many other disease.

Take a look what can be the side effects of these tablets:

  •  You may feel tingling or burning in your body parts.
  • You may feel change in appetite.
  • Headache is common
  • Dizziness
  • You may face constipation problem.
  • Gas, heartburn  and diarrhea
  • You may have stomach pain.
  • weakness

When you take the overdose of these tablets

In some case when you take it as an overdose, then it lead to death also and may be a sign of suicide tendencies. Overdose of sleep tablets or pills is not a good option, as it lead to many medical complications like liver failure and brain damage. So, be careful about this and take this medicines according to your doctor prescription.

Finally, i’ll suggest you if you’re not getting enough sleep or you’re suffering from sleep related problem, then you should first choose home remedies or tips to cure this problem, but in some case if these tablets suites you, then you can have it but in limited quantity. These drugs not completely treats your insomnia from its root, it just temporarily give you some relief. So, if you want a permanent cure then you should try natural way to fix it.

[Confession: I am not a doctor and suggested you on the base of my research but here is 1 thing I would like you to focus about:

Read about:

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Once you dig inside these articles and start working on precautions & treatment, you will feel good and start getting good sleep. Even, you could read out few books related to sleep treatment.]

Few Suggestions to Recall Your Sleep via Books:

Always always check out the customer testimonial before purchasing any product or book.

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