It’s Time To Close The Door For Stress And Anxiety To Recall Your Sleep

Link between lack of sleep and stress

Stress and anxiety are the two main cause that you’re going to  miss your sleep from a long time. Insomnia, sleep talking and sleep walking are the common issues which occurs due to anxiety. Insomnia is a clinical term in which an individual facing the troubles to fall asleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early in the morning. So, when you’re having stress and tension in your mind, you’ll never be able to sleep easily. That’s the reason of your sleep deprivation and facing trouble while sleeping. Now the question arises in every one’s mind that how does anxiety effects your sleep?

Stress and Anxiety Effects to Your Sleep

There are very few people exists in this world that who don’t have any stress and tension in their life because our life routine and anxiety functions side by side. With the starting of new day your tension also gets ready to start along with it. A house wife may have the tension of her family and daily activities , a man may be have  frustration and tension of office work, financial issue and a child suppressed under  studies burden. So, stress and anxiety definitely comes in each and every one’s life, it doesn’t matter how old he is. This is a time  where every single person is affected by stress and that’s why people usually face sleep related problems at night. What this stress actually do- it makes your mind to thinking frequently about a particular thing which you’re worried about and when you continuously pressurize your mind, then your sleep cycle doesn’t able to work and lead you to awake throughout the night. Stress and anxiety can also be caused by lack of sleep because in some case people with sleep deprivation due to some other reasons like physical health issues or improper environmental cause you to face tension and stressful routine to the next day.

Tips And Strategies to get rid of Stress

1. Take Deep Breaths: When you find yourself in stress and tension, then you should try this trick of taking deep breathes- Inhale and Exhale slowly. It helps to calm down your mind.

2. Laugh: It has been said  that laughing is a good medicine for any disease. So, try to make yourself happy and start laughing in case when you’re in trouble.

3. Share your problem: If you’re having any kind of tension and stress, then tell and share about it with your friends and family. May be they can help you and solve your problem.

4. proper Scheduling:  Make a routine to go to your bed room at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Improper scheduling lead to disturb of your sleep cycle.

5. Stop taking naps: Taking frequent nap in the daytime interfere with your ability to fall asleep at night. So, if you want to take a nap then try to keep it not more than 30 minutes and it should be taken at the early afternoon.

6. Avoid Alcohol and caffeine: Consumption of alcohol and caffeine drinks stimulates the chances of anxiety and trigger panic attacks.

7. Exercise: You should do exercise and practice yoga daily in the morning if you’re facing stress disorder. It helps to reduce your tension and depression & improve your sleep quality.

8. Don’t Eat heavy meals: Eating heavy meals before going to sleep may lead you to face sleep trouble at night.

9. Reading books: When your mind get stressed and can’t able to sleep at night, then try to divert your mind on some other things-like start reading the books, listen soft music, etc..

10. Doctor consultation: Normally stress and anxiety doesn’t requires any medication to treat it. But in such case when nothing is working then you should choose doctor recommendation.

So, to conclude every thing which we had discuss in this article, we can only say that stress and anxiety can be lethal issue if we doesn’t take it seriously. Stress and sleep interlinked with two perspective- first is when you’re having tension or worry about something then your sleep get effected or you unable to sleep and second when you’re having any physical health issues and environmental causes which distract your sleep and that lead you to suffer from stress and depression. These Suggestions or tips  will help you to fix your problem and recall your sleep easily.


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